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Luthier Services

You've found Mosquito Pass Music LLC Luthier service.  As a multi instrumentalist for the band I also maintain the instruments and equipment we use.  If you are looking for an affordable Luthier for your instrument needs, you found him.  I work in the central Colorado region and offer a pickup and delivery service.  If I'm not on the road, I am at your service.

  • Tim Steinwinder

Guitar Setups (Truss, Restring, Pickup adj., Intonation, Fretboard and body cleaning) $50

Guitar Repairs i.e. Cracks, Fret dressing, Refretting, Chip and finish repair, Pick gaurd replacement, Strap button replacement, etc. (Hourly Rate +parts) $50/hr

Electronics mods and replacements (Hourly Rate +parts) $50/hr

Neck Reset Bolt On $150

Neck Reset Set Neck $600

Pedal Mods (Monte Allums kits or one you provide) (Hourly Rate +parts) $50/hr

Amp repairs (Hourly Rate +parts) $50/hr


Don't see what you need listed here?  Call me at (719) 270-1466 or Email me at [email protected]

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