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We understand that entertainment cost is very important for most people.  We want to be as transparent and up front as possible regarding the fees for our services.  There are many factors to consider:

  1. Length of show

  2. We provide sound equipment or equipment is provided

  3. We provide lights or lights are provided

  4. Travel distance

  5. Other compensation, such as dinner, bar tab, hotel room

You also must consider we are a 6 piece band, without the sound and light engineer.  If we provide sound and lights we bring our own sound engineer so we have to consider 7 people splitting whatever compensation we earn.  We are all highly talented, veteran performers.  It takes on average 2 hours to set up and do sound check, and 1 hour to tear down and load up, plus however long the event is.  For a 3 hour show, with us providing sound and light, we must account for 42 man hours, and that doesn’t consider travel expenses.  At the current minimum wage of $15 that would put our minimum rate at $630.00.  But ask yourself, if you studied at something for 30 years, would you accept minimum wage for your efforts?  So keeping all of this in mind please review our rate schedule below.

Bar or music venue show, venue provides lights and sound, 3 hour set     $1000.00

Bar or music venue show, we provide lights and sound, 3 hour set     $1200.00

Wedding or Corporate event. we provide lights and sound, MC services     $2000.00

Private event, we provide lights and sound, attendance under 50 persons     $1200.00

Private event, we provide lights and sound, attendance over 50 persons     $1500.00

Fairground or festival performance, we provide sound, 3 hour set     $1000.00

This is just a basic framework, all of this is NEGOTIABLE! These are hard times, we want to keep things reasonable, while entertaining the people.  Contact us about your particular event and lets discuss your needs and any outside compensation available and we can negotiate a price that provides top notch music and entertainment for you at a rate that makes sense.